4 Reasons Why Instagram Ads Really Work

You might be wondering if Instagram ads really work. Well, you may have seen the various kinds of ads that they have and are currently testing, including Image overlays, Slideshow ads, and Custom audiences. These are just some of the ways to advertise your brand and increase brand awareness with the help of an Instagram advertising company. Read on to discover more about these advertising formats and what they have to offer.

Image overlays are a great way to promote brand awareness:

There are two types of Instagram ads: image ads and stories. Image ads are best for campaigns with highly visual content. For best results, choose high-quality photography and design, and keep overlaid text to a minimum. Stories ads, on the other hand, are full-screen ads. Stories are a popular part of Instagram, with 500 million users viewing them daily. Stories ads tend to get higher engagement rates because they fill the entire mobile screen, and are more immersive than in-feed ads.

Slideshow ads are looping video ads with up to 10 images:

If you’re looking to reach a new audience, you may want to consider running slideshow ads on Instagram. This type of ad is a looping video that features up to 10 images and a video-like soundtrack. They’re ideal for reaching younger audiences or those with slower internet connections. You can use your existing content in your slideshow ads, so you’ll know exactly what to include. You’ll also want to make sure your branding is on each image, as this will help it play well.

Custom audiences:

To create a list of potential customers to target with your advertisements, you can use Custom Audiences. However, you will need a list of your existing customers, preferably with at least one identifier such as name, email, or company. You can upload these lists on Facebook. Facebook will identify the customers for you, based on a process known as “hashing” to keep the information private. To create a list, first, create an account for your business.

Lookalike audiences:

You can tailor your Instagram ad set to reach a lookalike audience. Facebook ads can target users by their traits, interests, purchasing behavior, or device usage. Likewise, Instagram ad targeting can be based on age, gender, or location. With so much demographic data to draw from, it’s easy to build your audience and find out who’s buying what.

By james